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7pod Wins Best Data Story at 2018 Smoky Mountain Conference

The Smoky Mountain Conference (SMC) is an annual meeting of universities, national labs, and industrial partners in high performance computing, hosted by Oakridge National Laboratory. Discussion topics and talks include everything from early experiences on Top10 supercomputers to the ethics of artificial intelligence in society. SMC is also host to the SMC Data Challenge, which highlights datasets and problems relevant to the United States Department of Energy. Participants choose among a number of datasets, and apply state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to extract information from them. 7pod Technologies made two submissions to the data challenge, both of which were accepted as finalists to be presented at SMC. One submission (led by Nav Ravindranath, Staff Engineer) focused on the impact of weather on urban energy consumption, using convolutional neural nets to model…
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Dr. Grossman Presents at OpenSHMEM Workshop

Co-Founder of 7pod Technologies, Dr. Max Grossman, presented HOOVER, a high-performance dynamic graph processing framework, at the 2018 OpenSHMEM Workshop ( OpenSHMEM is a highly scalable Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) programming model for developing codes on supercomputers and other compute clusters. With an active community and vendor support from Cray, HPE, Intel, and others, OpenSHMEM offers an alternative to the bulk synchronous message-passing style of communication libraries like MPI. HOOVER is an open source, distributed, dynamic graph modeling and analysis framework built on top of OpenSHMEM (, developed at Rice University with support from the Department of Defense and Los Alamos National Laboratory. More details on HOOVER can be found in the slide deck and paper.  
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Two Submissions from 7pod Technologies Accepted as Finalists to Smoky Mountain Conference Data Challenge

The SMC Data Challenge offers a unique opportunity to fuse cutting edge analytics and machine learning with curated, high-value datasets from the United States Department of Energy. Participants are challenged to generate new insights from DoE datasets using novel techniques, and report them in an understandable manner. 7pod Technologies is proud to announce that two submissions to the Data Challenge were accepted as finalists this year, led by co-founder Dr. Max Grossman and Staff Engineer Nav Ravindranath. The first submission, Massive Visualization of Application Codes, applied graph clustering and other graph analysis techniques to code metadata generated from the DoE's E3SM (Energy Exascale Earth System Model) application. With an emphasis on leveraging the insights gained to port the application to novel, heterogeneous, and other parallel architectures, the 7pod team focused on uncovering correlations or…
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7pod Technologies Sponsors STEM Camp for Children of Refugees

In partnership with the Partnership for the Advancement & Immersion of Refugees (PAIR), Rice University's Camp Spark offers 1 week of STEM immersion for children of refugees living in Houston, TX. Students get hands on with a variety of science labs, tour world-class research facilities at Rice University, and engage with leaders from similar backgrounds. 7pod Technologies LLC is proud to sponsor Camp Spark and the values of diversity and STEM education that it upholds.
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