7pod Wins Best Data Story at 2018 Smoky Mountain Conference

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The Smoky Mountain Conference (SMC) is an annual meeting of universities, national labs, and industrial partners in high performance computing, hosted by Oakridge National Laboratory. Discussion topics and talks include everything from early experiences on Top10 supercomputers to the ethics of artificial intelligence in society.

SMC is also host to the SMC Data Challenge, which highlights datasets and problems relevant to the United States Department of Energy. Participants choose among a number of datasets, and apply state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to extract information from them. 7pod Technologies made two submissions to the data challenge, both of which were accepted as finalists to be presented at SMC. One submission (led by Nav Ravindranath, Staff Engineer) focused on the impact of weather on urban energy consumption, using convolutional neural nets to model the energy consumption of buildings in Chicago. The second submission (led by Max Grossman, Principal) focused on graph approaches to analyzing and understanding large scientific code bases and was awarded the award for “Best Data Story” at SMC.

A graph clustering of the E3SM scientific code base using community detection algorithms.

Congratulations to all finalists!

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